June 6, 1944

Today is June 6th.

On this day in 1944 it was called D-Day and Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy and began the task of liberating Europe. It’s not celebrated like Veterans Day or Memorial Day but it is a very important day in the history of our Armed Forces and the histories of England and France. The phrase “Every man did his duty” comes from the effort that each man put forth when the ramp of his landing craft came down. He shouldered his pack and his rifle and stepped forth into cold waters, machine gun fire and booby-trapped obstacles. They endured months of hardships, freezing cold, declining rations, low supplies and most of all the loss of their friends. There is nothing like the bonds forged during combat and the hurt when they are severed by an enemies bullet. On this day if you see a service-member salute them and acknowledge the burden, the history and the sacrifice that they voluntarily take upon themselves to ensure your freedom.


Join me in this photo essay as we remember



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