Every Day Carry…Huh?

If you are new to this game you are probably thinking “Enough with the acronyms!!!!” Well, fear not let us help you dispel some of the clouds. Today we’re going breeze by Every Day Carry or EDC as it’s called. The concept is simple. It’s the items you feel you need at a bare minimum to get you out of  immediate trouble. Easy right? Well the problem is there are no two same EDC kits. Everyday Kits are as varied as the people you’ll meet who carry them. The great thing is you probably already have an EDC and don’t even realize it. Think for a moment on the things you try to never leave home without. Keys, cell phone, wallet, etc… You are already experienced at having an EDC kit, now you just will put a little forethought into it. Pictured below is what I consider my bare minimum EDC:


My Glock 19, Gerber Applegate Combat Folder knife, Samsung S7 phone, ballistic clipboard, Oakley sunglasses, G-Shock watch and Surefire G-2 flashlight.

Glock 19: I consider a firearm to be THE minimum item you should have on you. The Glock 19 is an excellent EDC weapon as it is shorter fires the 9mm (no time for debating…move along) and has 15 rounds. Is easily concealable and uber reliable.

Clinger Holster: Have to have a way to carry that awful nice Glock right? I choose a Clinger Holsters Stingray Inside The Waistband (IWB) model. At $39.99 I didn’t have to grovel too long to buy it. It’s Kydex which is probably as close to Valhalla for holster material as we’ll get. More importantly: it is secure. You don’t want to draw your weapon and find the holster still attached!!!

Second magazine: Another 15 rounds…who doesn’t like more bullets???

Surefire G-2 Nitrolon flashlight: If the SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) staying in well lit areas is not the thing you want to do. Likewise, you don’t want to be going into any areas you can’t see into. For me a flashlight is number two after the Glock.

G-Shock watch: Always need to know the time right? Tha Casio G-Shock has been around forever and rightly so. It’s durable and has all the features you need depending on the model, and of course the depth of your pockets!!! Altimeter, barometer, different timezones, truckload of colors…what more could you want?

ASP Expandable Baton: Not every violent situation requires deadly force of a firearm. Proper knowledge and application of Escalation of Force Continuum is what can help keep you out of hot water, and also help save lives.

Samsung S7 Edge: If you can’t reach out and touch someone it gets mighty lonely out there. Communication is your link to the help in your time of need…and pepperoni pizza when you are hungry!!! I’ve been a Samsung user since the Galaxy series of phones have come out and I see no reason to change now. I tried an Apple…once….

Lastly, my Level III ballistic clipboard. You don’t always want to look tactical when you are out and about but you may want to have some sort of protection at hand. A clipboard in inconspicuous and hides in plain sight. It may break a wrist or some fingers if it takes a round…or three but you’ll be alive.

As always this is my choice and your’s will definitely vary. For instance, take a look at this EDC kit:


And this one:


And this one:


As you can see kits vary widely as people do. Kits can also change depending on where you are in the world. Some countries if you are caught with a firearm you can say goodbye to this Christmas and probably next. The only commonality is a weapon of some sort and a communication device. Be careful that you fall into the “let’s plan for everything kit” bottomless pit. Remember the essence of an EDC is that it is what you deem the MINIMAL needed. Your first line equipment if you will. This is the items you will keep with you and probably die with. Put some though into what you decide to carry. Be cognizant of your surroundings, weather patterns, local dress. Research it. Try it. Carry it. Every Day.


Products and equipment are only one third of the solution to survival. Training and Awareness complete the triad to help you keep safe. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for information on products, or training at info@dandltactical.com.


Assassins Tango


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