Just Where Are We Going With This…

So you’ve decided that you want to invest your time, money and sweat into tactical gear and maybe training. Have you actually sat down and took an honest look at WHY? I say WHY because the WHY drives the End Product. Is it for personal protection? Or maybe family protection. How about the infamous Zombie Apocalypse? Whatever the reason, the WHY drives everything else. Money. Time. Travel. Sweat. Blood. If you can’t define the WHY then you are merely a ship without a rudder. Before you dive into the deep end and start purchasing equipment from Bravo Company USA or Haley Strategic, THINK about what it is you really want to do.blog-1


If you are worried about your own protection then why look at gear designed for military missions? If you want to protect your family then you might want to look at items that are easy to use without a lot of follow-up training. How many of us actually have a spouse AND kids that are as into what we are into? Think about that for a second. Does your spouse really care about a months worth of rations or how to to engage targets at different ranges or does she care more about her mobile phone being on? Have the TALK. Be upfront and be blunt. You will be spending money, time and resources on this venture. If you don’t have the Buy-In from Household-6 then you may be dead in the water.


Alternately, if it is just you then maybe you can afford to splurge on the Mayflower, Crye Precision or Bravo Company USA equipment. Let’s be truthful with ourselves: having a pair of Oakley tactical glasses on with 5:11 gear and Under Armor moisture wicking undershirts just sounds plain COOL!!!! You can throw all the hot names out, but you have to eat peanut butter and jelly for dinner!

Whatever you driving motivation, be sure you think it through BEFORE you spend money, time and sweat on gear that may or may not be used on a regular basis. Know end state and what you can honestly afford to get there. It will save you heart ache and grief, and possibly a trip to the doghouse!


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