So just what is it about “Tactical” that seems to draw everybody to it these days? Yes, obviously there is some really excellent gear and equipment out there. We have come a long way from when I was lowly Private E-2 medic in HHC, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment (No Slack), 101st Air Assault Division (Airborne) Whew! A mouthful to say the least, but I digress. Back then we all looked the same and I mean THE same. Boots, cover, field pack, and the ubiquitous Load Bearing Equipment (LBE)

Picture courtesy of Just Barking Mad

No way that one field dressing on the upper left side was going to stop any serious bleeding, but it sure did look “strack“. Everybody looking nice and repeatable though out the rank and file gave rise to the oft muttered mantra “No inspection ready unit ever passed combat and no combat ready unit ever passed inspection.” Other than the multitude of Army Surplus stores who did great business one week before payday you didn’t see much Army equipment outside of a military post and town.


Fast forward to today and the selection of equipment and variety of mounting positions and camouflage patterns is enough to make Barbie envious! What’s more, everything made for the Soldier finds it’s way to the civilian market.

Picture courtesy of Max Velocity Tactical

To add to the confusion are the myrid of terms that have arisen around this cottage industry. Every Day Carry (EDC), Bug Out Bag (BOB) to name a couple. What do they mean and do you really need one or both? Let’s not even get started on the name brands and quality issue! Oi!!!


Well fear not intrepid shopper and Tactical Noob! We are here to take you by the glove and help start you down the path uber-coolness! Be it glasses, boots, weapons or backpacks, we’ll do our best to help you get set-up within a budget that won’t land you working three jobs to make payments! We will also share links to videos done by others in the field to help keep you abreast of this exciting world. So come back and see us, read our blogs and gear reviews and broaden your Tactical horizons!!!

p.s. Be sure to look at the bottom of our pages for links to music!!





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